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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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Now having seen it, I am a little disappointed we can't get a true sequel to the film, and by that I mean another solo outing for Supes, I think Henry Cavill made a great Superman/Clark Kent and would love to see him be able to expand in the role. I have no doubt a great story can be made with Superman meeting Batman, but part of me will always be wishing it could have been a solo outing.
Agreed. I'm fairly excited at the idea of a Batman teamup, but Superman's story was just barely getting started in the first movie, and it feels like a shame we that we won't get to see it continued in a more natural way, with a story focused solely on him.

Of course... I felt the exact same way about SR back in the day, so I guess I should be happy we're getting any followup movie at ALL this time. Lol
Just adding my voice to the chorus, I too wanted at least one more solo Superman movie before they teamed him up with Bataman or another character.
Me too. I would have rather seen at least one more MOS Superman movie and at least one reboot-Batman before they teamed them up. That way both characters would have been able to get a good amount of development before teaming them up.
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