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Re: How's the "Popcorn" button on your microwave?

Texting the word "dial" on older mobile phones with predictive text gave me some unexpected results...

Anyway, to the popcorn question. It's been a while since we bought "pop your own" corn for popping, and our old trusty microwave (complete with dial and pinging bell) was the go-to appliance of choice, operating at "standard" operational mode - no "popcorn" setting for us - but back then I didn't like popcorn so I can't really comment on its quality.

I don't know if our current 1100W rig has its own popcorn setting, but then again I only ever use it on full blast for anything remotely microwaveable, and trust in the gas cooker, grill and oven for everything else.

These days my popcorn comes pre-popped and from a bag (plastic or paper).
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