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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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They ended the episode with a threat we already know will not be carried out. There's a technical term for this: Anti-climax.
That's not what an anticlimax is. An anticlimax would involve the first scene of the next episode to have Jesse stop going apeshit nuts, call Walt, apologize, and become his best buddy again. Or some other disappointing result along those lines.

If, instead, someone shows up and stops him but raises the stakes even higher (he's not going to commit murder again unless its Walt, but just imagine the results if he meets Junior and tells him all about his dad), or he stops himself and decides to go with another strategy to get back at Walt that even more nuts, or any other number of possibilities, then it won't be anticlimactic at all.

Another by the way, Lydia is a Walter White too. Why is she treated differently?
You mean besides having tits, being passive, being hands-off and relying on others to do all the heavy lifting, and all around being absolutely nothing like Walt? I dunno. What a strange reason any of those are for her being treated differently.

Another by the way, Walter is not even tempted to stray sexually, not even after Skylar cheats. Jesse has been a monogamous, caring partner with only two women. The writers have been very careful not to taint the antihero and the antivillain with any distasteful sexual sins, as opposed to cool violence.
Walter has been tempted but resisted. And what's wrong with people not being portrayed as horndogs? Not everyone is like that, and Walt's entire self-rationalization for everything he's done is to keep his family together.
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