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Re: Barely-legible graphics canon?

Christopher wrote: View Post
The mistake is to use "canon" to mean "real and binding."
That's not a mistake, it's a technique to ensure that subsequent ideas respect the intentions of those that came before in order to create a coherent vision. It's a framework to create something where the result is more than just the sum of its parts. Disrespect "canon" and you just end up with parts and fragments but not a bigger picture.

Christopher wrote: View Post
The canon, however coherent or inclusive it may be, is still just a big elaborate story people told, so no part of it is any more "real" than a ghost story told around a campfire.
So what are many of us doing here? Should we get lost?

Christopher wrote: View Post
It was invented, and so it can be reinvented, reinterpreted, retconned, or ignored.
...which is the classic excuse for anyone who is too lazy and/or lacks passion to do some accurate research, first, and/or is too incompetent to do so.
Wait a minute, "canon" was "invented" for that?

Christopher wrote: View Post
Any idea from a series canon may be useful for later storytellers to draw on if they so desire -- or it may be useful for them to ignore or contradict if that suits their needs better. But worrying about whether it's "real" is kind of pointless. It's part of the story, but stories can be adjusted and revised in ways that reality can't.
And we have seen where this ends. Remember Dr. Carol Marcus from ST II, the ethical "I will not let harm come to a microbe?".
In order to have a more dramatic and life-threatening setting the producers of ST III decided to have her have used "protomatter" for the Genesis Device. Oh wait, they shifted the blame to her son David, but as the supervisor of the Genesis Project, this made the Carol Marcus character look incompetent and stupid.

"Improve" a story at the expense of absent actors and characters. (wanted to use another finger but that Smilie was the only one available...)

Hey, it's deja-vu. Didn't we have that debate already August last year? Looking forward to August 2014...

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