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I posted this about a month ago on here somewhere. Look under: "It's Easier for Aliens to Visit than previously thought

There is also the video I posted here from a lecture which suggested a similar timeframe to seeding other galaxies as it is to seed this one.
Which, as usual, doesn't address the point at all: a civilization that does not explore/colonize its own solar system is in no position to explore/colonize OTHER solar systems.

In much the same way a culture that has not yet discovered air travel probably isn't going to be putting astronauts into orbit.
As usual it DOES address the issue, you just have a narrow view of it. The whole point of the lecture was that you very well CAN reach other galaxies in the same timeframe as this one. I almost feel that the solar system(s) is an afterthought at this point, it's a given that we'll either be forced to exploit/settle it or we won't be around for a 100 year starship. We can certainly enhance/mitigate those scenerios with a starseed project.

As for the discovery that aliens might have it easier in settling the galaxy, well of course that's related because it means the timeframe is accelerated more than I originally posted about, and it's analogous to far the only known "alien" species that might colonize the galaxy.

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