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Re: Changes To The Observation Lounge....

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IIRC, the set was severely altered for STVI:TUC, filmed between TNG's season four and season five. It was the officer's mess set in TUC.
Yep. Although I've never heard an explanation for this, I've always assumed that the set construction guys (or whatever their title actually is) accidentally damaged that ENTERPRISE model wall beyond repair during the reconstruction and it had to be replaced. It was just that nobody ever commented on it.

Still, if that WAS the case, I was disapointed that they didn't put up a new model wall instead of that "pointy ended" wall they ended up building.
Actually that's what I had always heard, the lineage wall was damaged during the making of TUC. I think it's more likely they just thought the wood paneling and the crude gold models no longer looked good and went with a new wall that better fit the design themes of the 1990s (which had thankfully chucked out wood paneling) and the tone the series had taken on.
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