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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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As I recall, that's not the only passage in the book that isn't complementary to Shatner asserting control of the set, although I don't have any page numbers in my notes.
The book does mention the first scene in the bar in "Court Martial" where Shatner called "Cut!" because he felt he looked small next to the character 'Timothy.' He complained about this to director Marc Daniels, who then changed the set up to have 'Timothy' sitting down.

Another interesting heretofore unknown tidbit: The actor who played 'Timothy' says he was told by Daniels that he was a fellow starship captain--a peer, not a subordinate (despite the fact he was costumed in red and with only one stripe; how did Daniels not notice that?)--to Kirk. He thus played the scene as if he were an equal who's trying to intimidate Kirk. Only years later did he discover he was supposed to be a lieutenant. The actor was subsequently quoted as saying "lieutenants don't talk to captains like that!"
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