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Re: Patrick Stewart as Shinzon

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On the other hand Brent Spiner seems to enjoy split screening different characters rather than having different actors play data's relatives. He pulls it off really well.
Except that having Spiner play Dr. Soong made no sense, because before "Datalore" nobody knew that Soong was Data's creator, and how could they have not known if he looked just like Soong?

Although that bit from "Datalore" never really made sense -- Soong was the guy famous for trying to make a positronic brain when everyone else said it was impossible, and Data had a positronic brain, so his origins should've been pretty self-evident. Still, actually giving Soong and Data the same face just made it more nonsensical that Data's origins were a mystery.

The other factor is that Noonien Soong is a Chinese name, so how did a guy who looks like Brent Spiner end up with it? Soong was going to be played by Keye Luke, but sadly he died just before "Brothers" went into production, which is why they decided to have Spiner play the role. But as impressive a job of acting, makeup, directing, and visual effects "Brothers" was, I'd have been happier if Luke had lived longer and been able to play Soong. It would've made a lot more sense in-universe.
I'm reminded of an episode of ... I can't remember what it was now ... but the protagonists go to a fortune cookie factory and ask for the owner, who has a Chinese name. They are faced with a middle aged white man with a Russian accent who says he is the owner, and when questioned says he was adopted from a Russian orphanage by a Chinese couple.

Hey, it could happen.
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