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Alpha Fleet began in January of 2380 (Jan, 2003) when the Alpha and Beta Quadrants were rather peaceful parts of space; where hope lived and prosperous societies flourished. But as the future catches up to us, the galaxy is not as peaceful as it seems; just as the Federation is beginning to form unbreakable alliances with new Alpha and Beta Quadrant species, the hidden evils that have laid dormant for so many years are beginning to wreak havoc on the safety and security of the United Federation of Planets.

A new species know as the Larekan Emperium (who use sound waves as a weapon, and as part of their propulsion) has forged an uneasy Treaty with the Federation, yet their presence can be felt still. The Romulans try to recover from the exploits of their 'fallen son' Shinzon. Species 8472 enters our region of space as a civil war breaks out within their society. The Gorn and Tholians make it known they still have a place in our lives. A dangerous new threat, reminiscent of the Maquis, has surfaced: the Liberation Consortium. And as for the Borg...they are never far behind.

Closer to home a rogue 'Admiral' by the name of Adam Harker and his Deathbringer Fleet have become a very immediate concern, their every activity seemingly designed to oppose the aims and principles of the Federation especially in the person of Admiral Carter for whom the Renegade exile holds a very personal enmity.

The entire galaxy could be thrown into turmoil and disarray if these new threats manage to defeat the Federation peace that is where Alpha Fleet comes in....

== '''Fleet Mission News''' ==

Response has been good after the proposal of a fleet mission so we have decided to go ahead with this idea. Captain Will Fearow, Fleet Intelligence will be co-ordinating the mission as a whole and is currently in the planning phases. Anyone who wishes to help with the organisation of this mission please contact [ Captain Will Fearow].

== Featured Simm ==

===Serenity Base===
'''Task Force Commanders Flagship''

*'''Current Mission''' : ''Episode 1.3: Recon Team Six''


'''Commanding Officer'''
RAdm. Scott Mackie

'''Executive Officer'''Cdr. John Ross

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