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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

@Avro Arrow

GUT is the acronym for Grand Unified Theory which I feel suits as an analogy for what many fans try to accomplish seeing (a GUT of Star Trek where all series and movies appear to take place in a masterplanned, coherent and continuous universe).

@ Lance

Since the Enterprise-A is obviously a refitted Constitution Class ship, I'm not surprised that refitting an older (i.e. 16th) starship design) turned out more difficult than refitting the 17th starship design.

@ Manticore

Your assumption is not entirely correct, thanks for providing an occasion to speak my mind.

Basically, I'm a supporter of GUT but I despise the methods that are applied to get there, in particular at the expense of the original Star Trek creators ("They didn't know what they were doing").

Since I joined the BBS a year ago I've tried to illustrate at every given opportunity that the contrary is true, that it's not the creators that are to be blamed but the "experts'" lack of vision, imagination, passion and effort to actually figure out what it is the creators had or might have intended.

Rather than to try to rationalize the erroneous and conjectural conclusions that are a result of inadequate research, the original and undiscovered intentions of the creators are second-guessed.

A graphic example is the deck numbering of the TOS Enterprise as suggested in one episode of DS9 and ENT, obviously "inspired" by Franz Joseph.

It's erroneous and illogical and an outstanding result of this aforementioned inadequate research. The creators knew exactly what they were doing when we saw cabins and corridors on Deck 12 and Deck 14 (same goes for "Deck 2" in "The Enterprise Incident"), but it only looks like they were wrong because everybody assumed that Franz Joseph's conjectural deck numbering should be correct.

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