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Re: What is your least favourite TNG film

I don't mind B4, I'd just have lost the whole dune buggy chase and search for his parts as it slowed the movie down for no real reason. Nemesis isn't hugely good, but it's very underrated. I like the grim, dark tone and think Shinzon is one of the best villains of the film franchise. Certainly way better than Nero.

Nemesis badly needed another draft of the script, to remove a lot of the pointless shit and further explain some of the main plot. It's still pretty enjoyable for dumb entertainment, but the TNG crew deserved better for their final outing.

Generations is the only TNG movie I just can't enjoy. There are a few good bits but I always finish it feeling angry and depressed at how much of a waste it was. The other 3 are largely enjoyable, despite their flaws.
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