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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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So the question is: Whodunit? The reference to the new Federation Councillor from Bajor -- now President Pro Tempore -- having maneuvered Councillor Krim out of the way made me suspicious. I gotta wonder if there's something more going on than just more wacky Tzenkethi hijinks.
I was also suspicious of First Minister Asarem's very excellent speech, that conveniently took place right before her aide allegedly assassinated Bacco.
I'm not. We've seen inside Asarem's head before; she has been a POV character, which means we, as the audience, know what's in her soul. She doesn't have it in her for something like this.

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Going to ignore that comment about Keith for the moment. The novelists' community is close enough that I might be inclined to believe that some of the people working on The Fall would run this past Keith privately beforehand.
Indeed, KRAD is thanked in the acknowledgments for his assistance to DRGIII in writing Revelation and Dust. The idea that this is all "punishment" against KRAD is just silly.

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Bacco seems to have collected on the bad karma she's been collecting since she turned a blind eye to the coup by Picard and the others and the murder of Min Zife. I, for one, am glad to see that payback.
So she deserved to die? Christ, man. No one deserves that. And the Federation certainly didn't deserve the trauma of seeing its president assassinated.

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I've never been keen - she just seems to be a string of platitudes
*shrugs* All I can tell you is that she has always seemed like a very vividly-drawn, three-dimensional person to me. And it made sense to me that she would be, since KRAD based her in part on his great-grandmother.
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