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Re: What Setting Would You Like For The Next Series?

See? That's where you lose me. You say you want a new series with a starship exploring space, argue against anything different saying if you change it it isn't real Trek, yet also say you want it to take you new places and don't need to see regurgitated episodes. Yet a new series remixing the adventures of the prior series is just that.

Frankly I think we've gotten all the mileage we're going to get from the Starship exploring space. It was getting old with Voyager and got even worse with Enterprise, which incidentally got canceled. Into Darkness didn't give us a single thing we hadn't seen in some form or other either. They just cherry picked a few plot elements from the franchise, changed them to suit, put them all in a blender, mixed it up and presto! A "new" movie.

I promise you the Trek universe is big. It doesn't exist just on starships. There are planets, starbases, and all kinds of other places to explore even if it's not "boldly going into the unknown." The Trek universe is a setting in the end not the story into itself.
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