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Re: What Setting Would You Like For The Next Series?

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Wow, I guess DS9 wasn't Trek then. Any more pearls of wisdom on the religion of Trek? I just want 45 minutes of entertainment myself.
And you'll notice that Deep Space Nine had to add a badass starship and a character from TNG in order to try to keep the ratings from sliding (which didn't work).

'Religion' of Trek? I think you've got the wrong guy. I just ask myself this question: where can a new weekly Trek take me that the prior series haven't? Maybe I'm not very imaginative, but I'm not sure there is anyplace from a story perspective that Trek can take me that it hasn't already been and remain 'Star Trek'. Pretty much every series idea I see here does nothing but reinforce that perception.

So I have fun revisiting the various series from time-to-time, watch the new movies because they are welcome reunions with old friends and read an occasional novel. But I don't need to see new (regurgitated) episodes on TV every week to justify my love of the franchise.

Once again, your mileage may vary.
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