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Re: What Setting Would You Like For The Next Series?

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We know that already, another episode about it is redundant.
Which is the problem with having yet another weekly Trek TV series. Whether intentional or not, you are going to be constantly doing things that the other TV series have covered in painful detail. Yes, you'll be able to create new bumpy headed aliens but it'll just be variations of themes we've already seen.

I remember reading that the whole idea behind Voyager was moving away from what we already knew yet they were using Klingons and Vulcans. Then they had intermittent contact with the known Trek universe throughout the series which defeated the purpose of it to begin with.

If you want Trek then want Trek. Don't claim to want something new because you simply aren't going to get it. The whole reason behind doing Trek yet again would be to draw on those seven-hundred plus hours of material.

Trek set in a law firm isn't Trek. Trek as a situation comedy isn't Trek. Trek as a political drama isn't Trek. Trek as a spy drama isn't Trek. Star Trek is an open enough format that yes it can do those types of stories from time to time but there will never be a series that is formatted as anyone of those things.

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