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Re: Dexter - The Final Season (Spoiler Discussion)

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I look in this thread from time to time just to see if people are catching on to just how godawful Dexter has become since it lost its way in season four. I haven't seen any of this season but you all must realize on some level that inventing Charlotte Rampling as Mom makes it necessary to address the issue of the real mother.

Omitting her is grossly incompetent. It's not just an issue of plot plausibility, which hasn't even been a goal since season three. It's a question of dramatic honesty. Any human being, offered the discovery of a spiritual mother, would think of their real mother.

I tend to believe that the show's fundamental problem is that they opted for a "hurray, the vigilante!" approach. But this is stupid and vicious and there's no way to put this on screen with any vestige of competence, much less honesty.
If you haven't seen ANY of this season, then your criticism of this season comes from...? Other people's reviews? Online synopsis? Osmosis?

I'm sorry but your severely negative response to this season (based on pure speculation, it seems) is baseless and unjustified, in my opinion.
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