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Re: Voth vs. the Borg

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That has me suspect that a transwarp corridor is the opposite of a warp bubble. It's really a real space tube. Creating an area of real space inside transwarp space where we can exist without bad transwarpy things happening.
There's obviously a warp 10 barrier of some kind, though from that famous sawtoothed graph of energy expenditures at various speeds (Timo's site might have it?), it takes ever more power to get extra 9s added to warp 9.9999... . Many races tried to find ways around it. Transwarp conduits/corridors are one way (Borg), slipstream (Arturis) is another. It seems to be a tough nut to crack based on how rare that warp threshold is crossed vs. the sub-light: warp speed threshold. The Voth are the only race seen that have the most traditional transwarp, just the next step of regular warp.

I still think the transwarp salamanders could best be explained by the 'rare' dilithium on those asteroids being part of a creatures' life cycle, which involves converting the bodies of desired donor material, in this case, advanced races (those capable of warp travel). We see the salamanders, but those could be the tadpole stage of some unknown adult stage or non-corporeal stage of the species (though with intra-species reproduction occurring in the salamander stage). Really, the only problem with "Threshold" was one word: evolution. Remove that, replace it with mutation or transformation and it doesn't look very different from "Identity Crisis". As noted so often, evolution occurs at the species level, not the individual level. And besides, why would transwarp salamanders be the suitable adaptation to being everywhere at once. That everywhere at once sounds almost non-corporeal and as the crew didn't see him on Voyager, it suggests Paris might have been everywhere, but he wasn't on this plane of existence. That dilithium, upon rewatching, just came off as so suspicious, a rare type of dilithium seemingly capable of getting up to warp 10. Imagine a race like the Kobali, who instead of using dead redshirts use space-faring races capable of trying to reach warp 10 as suitable genetic material, then transforming it into salamanders, who might be the caterpillars for some unknown butterfly or have these mediocre amphibian bodies on this plane but their minds are subspace titans or something. That episode struck me as if there was always more than meets the eye if we try to make sense of it (it's a silly exercise, but a fun one anyway . One of the things I love doing with Voyager, like the Equinox distance paradox and their very different journey)
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