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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

The September schedule has some weekly themes, including a Hitchcock marathon every Sunday starting at 10 AM and a "Future Shock!" spotlight on dystopian SF films. I won't list the Hitchcock films unless they have an SF/fantasy element, which pretty much reduces it to The Birds.

SUN 9/1
6:00 AM: Tarzan the Ape Man (1932): The original Weissmuller film!
8:00 AM: The Land That Time Forgot ('75)
5:45 PM: The Birds ('63)

MON 9/2
11:15 PM: A Trip to the Moon (1902): George Melies!

TUE 9/3
4:15 PM: Around the World in 80 Days ('56): The David Niven version.

WED 9/4
5:15 AM: The Phantom Carriage ('22): Silent supernatural-ish Swedish film.
5:46 PM: The King of the Duplicators ('68): Documentary short about makeup artist William Tuttle. Might have some bits about his SF work.

FRI 9/6
8:00 PM: Metropolis ('27): The Fritz Lang classic. TCM says it's 149 minutes, which suggests it's the 2010 restoration, the most complete version to date.
10:45 PM: Things to Come: The movie H.G. Wells wrote!

SAT 9/7
12:30 AM: Escape from New York ('81)
2:15 AM: Brazil ('85): Apparently the 132-minute US cut, not Gilliam's definitive cut.
4:50 AM: On Location With Westworld ('73): Behind-the-scenes promotional short.
9:00 AM: Battle in Outer Space ('60): Aka The Great Space War, a Japanese SF film from the makers of Godzilla.

SUN 9/8
2:00 AM: The Awful Dr. Orloff ('64): Spanish horror film.
3:30 AM: Bride of Frankenstein ('35)

TUE 9/10
9:15 PM: The Thief of Bagdad ('24)

WED 9/11
7:30 AM: Vampyr ('32)
8:45 AM: Brigadoon ('54): I guess this counts as fantasy.
1:00 PM: Finian's Rainbow ('68): Leprechaun musical.
3:30 PM: Tom Thumb ('58): George Pal film.
5:30 PM: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ('68)

FRI 9/13
8:00 PM: Soylent Green ('73)
9:45 PM: Minority Report (2002): Yes, TCM is showing a 21st-century movie!

SAT 9/14
12:15 AM: Logan's Run ('76)
2:30 AM: Mad Max ('79)
9:30 AM: The Night the World Exploded ('57): Seismological disaster movie!

SUN 9/15
8:00 AM: King Kong ('33)

TUE 9/17
3:30 AM: Metropolis again

THU 9/19
8:00 PM: Bell, Book and Candle ('58)

FRI 9/20
6:30 AM: Topper ('37)
8:00 PM: La Jetee ('62): The basis for 12 Monkeys.
8:45 PM: Rollerball ('75)
11:00 PM: A.I. (2001): Yep, another post-2000 Spielberg film.

SAT 9/21
1:45 AM: Total Recall ('90)
3:45 AM: The Satan Bug ('65): Ooh, with Anne Francis!
6:00 AM: First Men in the Moon ('64): H.G. Wells adaptation.
7:45 AM: The Man Who Could Work Miracles ('36): Another Wells adaptation, with Ralph Richardson.
9:15 AM: Valley of the Dragons ('61): Loose adaptation of Jules Verne's Off on a Comet, recycling dinosaur footage from One Million B.C. ('40).

TUE 9/24
12:45 AM: Frankenstein ('31): Why not show this back-to-back with Bride?
5:30 AM: The Adventures of Prince Achmed ('27): Interesting -- a "silhouette film" based on the Arabian Nights, which may have been the first animated feature film.

FRI 9/27
8:00 PM: The Time Machine ('60)
10:00 PM: World Without End ('55): Astronauts fall through a time warp and find post-apocalyptic mutants! Sounds like a cross between The Time Machine and Planet of the Apes, and actually co-stars TTM's Rod Taylor. Should be an interesting companion piece.
11:30 PM: The Omega Man ('71): The Charlton Heston version of Richard Matheson's I Am Legend.

SAT 9/28
1:30 AM: A Boy and His Dog ('74): Film version of Harlan Ellison's post-apocalyptic tale.
9:30 AM: Creature With the Atom Brain ('55): Atomic Nazi zombies!!!

Wow, that's a pretty full month.
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