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Re: Eccleston turned down chance to be in 50th Anniversary story

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From interviews he says that he knew RTD was a good storyteller and he thinks it's important to hook kids on good stories from a young age.
He wanted to work with RTD again -- they had worked together on The Second Coming -- and thought the experience and working relationship on Doctor Who would be similar. It wasn't.
He also likes children and wanted to present a positive role model for them. He also said in one interview that people with his accent are looked down on in Britain, often thought as slime or even dangerous just based upon their voice and what region they were born in, and that he felt it was important to show both British kids and their parents that people like him could be positive heroes as well.
There's an actress called Maxine Peake, she's also from the north, she stars in a show called Silk, in which she plays a barrister. She auditioned for the role and they told her that with her accent people would never believe that she was intelligent enough to be a barrister and she had to use a southern accent.
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