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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

CAN'T FIX CRAZY... continued


"Sometimes that shit comes back around" by Nicky Nicholls

Now its time for the scary part of "that shit comes back around."

In the show... we've just seen that tete e tete between Larry & (ALEX! STOP NOW!) his romantic rival, Vause.

The next scene is a bit of a "Christmas Miracle" for Piper. She's actually in the shower/bathroom... ALONE.

But not for long.

Dogget and 2 from her pack have just entered. One stays behind to intercept anyone else who might want to shower this late, while Leanne follows Tiffany like a flipping puppy right up to Piper's stall as Tiffany rips the curtain aside.

Tiffany: Hey COLLEGE!

Piper gasps as she does the "duck and cover" move to hide her nakedness from the meth-head turned zealot.

Piper: What are you...
Tiffany: Don't be acting all modest. You are about as indecent as they come. (so says the woman who killed another because she was teased about getting her 6th abortion free. )
Piper: (Conciliatory as she continues to cover herself) Okay... let me dry off and we can talk about this.

(The voice of the lookout is now heard off camera.)

Lookout: (OC) Bathroom's full... (Now we see Taystee looking disgusted at the white bitch in her way) ... try back later.

Taystee looks around the woman in her way, sees Doggett and Leanne have cornered her roomie in the shower AND SHE JUST WALKS AWAY!

Tiffany: (Mouthing the end of a toothbrush) I don't want to talk.

(Am I the only one who is shocked to discover Tiffany OWNS a toothbrush?)

Piper: I am not going to let you intimidate me, Tiffany... What do you want?

(You might be more believable if you weren't still cowering, Piper. Rent some Netflix DVDs of Xena: Warrior Princess to see how a naked woman should act when she encounters a threat. 1st 15 seconds... )

Tiffany: (She gets all "shucks" as Leanne smirks in the background) What do I want? Hmmm. I want you, to feel the same pain on your body, as you have made me feel in my heart.

Piper looks worried.

She looked worried even BEFORE Doggett shows the OTHER end of her toothbrush.

It looks just like that shiv Pornstache showed the girls during their prison orientation.

Tiffany is very proud of her creation.

Tiffany: I know, I know, its not much. But its sharp, its sharp. (Looks back at Leanne for confirmation, smiling) Do you wanna see it?

((Okay, you're naked, in a prison shower, without backup, and a meth head stands before you with a SHIV, asking if you wanna see how SHARP it is... so what do you think is going to happen next?


Piper looks like she's about to hyperventilate and her eyes grow wide... but instead of taking the shiv against Piper's alabaster skin... Tiffany instead draws it across the palm of her own left hand slowly, allowing us to see the blood that it causes.

With a hand full of her own blood, Tiffany steps into the shower with her nemesis and wipes the blood all over Piper's chest, as if she's marking her prey.

All Piper can do is shudder as she's backed into the stall and caressed by her tormentor.

Cut to the door to the bathroom, the Calvary HAS ARRIVED!

The lookout wolf whistles as she stands her ground against the white male officer.

Donaldson: OUT!
Lookout: (Looking helpless?) I thought only LADY CO's can go in the bathrooms.

He stands in front of the lookout, and raises his voice once more.

Donaldson: HEY! This is NOT your assigned bathroom! You are out of bounds. OUT NOW!

(Leanne hears and obeys as she drops away from Tiffany and leaves the shower. The lookout snarls like a junk yard dog before she gives up her post and walks away. Dogget stays IN the shower with Piper, waving the bloody end of the shiv in her face.)

(The CO's still standing where the lookout was... so he can't "see" anything, much less hear Tiffany as she whispers behind her hand to the object of her obsession.)

Tiffany: I guess next time we're gonna get more creative. That's okay.
Donaldson: Doggett!
Tiffany: I've got some other ideas.
Donaldson: DOGGETT!
Tiffany: Yes, yes, yes, yes... coming!

As Doggett reassures Donaldson who is still out of sight around the corner, she eyes Piper with a sickly smile and grabs the wall of the shower with her bloody hand... marking one last time what she considers her "territory" before she skips away.

Piper is in shock. She turns the shower on to wash away the blood as her roomie comes in to check on her.

Taystee: You okay?

Piper stands wet and naked before this most experienced of inmates in her circle, as she admits shakily...

Piper: No. I'm not equipped to deal with this. I have to tell someone.
Taystee: (Scoffs) Please. She's a bitty thing. You can take her. Easy. And when you do, score is settled. Girl... stop being a bitch-ass bitch.

Taystee hands Piper her own towel to cover up with. As Piper winds it around her torso, Taystee (who started this whole series commenting on Piper's "TV titties" 13 eps ago) advises...

Taystee: You got a little blood on your nip-nip there. Rinse that off.

Taystee shakes her head as she walks away from the silly white woman who is still in shock...wondering how she went from living the yuppie dream in Park Slope with her fiancÚ, starting a new business with her best friend to having to fight a meth head or fear for her life every time she takes a shower.

Not just every time she takes a shower... but every time she is "alone".

Even if being alone means being in the middle of a barracks full of women who are sleeping blissfully.

But Piper can't sleep tonight.

No matter how tired she is.

She can't even lay down.

We watch her perch in the middle of her bunk, back against the wall, listening for any sound that could be out of place.

Listening for the soft step of doom stalking her.

Waiting one last time... for that shit to come back around.
"But life is a battle: may we all be enabled to fight it well!" Charlotte Bronte

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