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Re: The Cage bridge.

"The Cage" bridge is very nice and if you were doing a show like TOS today then that's the aesthetic you probably go with. But that's also because the times have changed. Today we have televisions that give incredible picture colour and all sorts of nuanced colour. But back in the '60s there were other considerations at work. Most televisions in the home at the time were b&w even while networks and manufacturers were pushing to sell more expensive colour sets. And so on the point the studios were influenced to make their shows more colourful to justify the purchase of a colour TV.

It's not the same thing today, of course, but I do find it amusing that many today seem to prefer more vivid colour on their TV picture rather than more natural and realistic tones. So you get more intense colours such as grass that is rarely (if ever) that green and skies and oceans that are never that shade of blue and the like across the board. My parents are like this and I'm sure they're hardly alone. It's isn't horrible, mind you, but if you think about it the picture is an idealized form of realism rather than actually looking more natural and realistic.
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