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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

CAN'T FIX CRAZY... continued


"Sometimes that shit comes back around" by Nicky Nicholls

Before I get into the truly scary stuff... I have to mention something I LIKED about this ep.

The fact that we finally got a Latina storyline that WASN'T related to that darned "Kreacher" story.

As much as I hate losing Red in the Kitchen, it was nice to finally see the Latina's chatting and working and not looking several times the fool fighting over some studly drug pusher (Cesar) back home, or some bionic correction officer here, or some chicken running loose on the grounds.

I liked that first scene of the four younger Latinas (Daya, Flaca, Maritza, and Maria) were making tamales and they started talking about "Christmas at home".

It was nice because the women were sharing and finally talking to one another instead of fighting or withdrawing from one another. Sure, the other girls still busted on Daya for needing even the simplest of things translated...

Daya: Please, speak English.
Flaca: How about you learn Spanish?

... but they are finally talking. Unfortunately, they are talking about the men in their families who are child molesters. Maria, the woman who recently gave birth, seemed proud to relate how HER mother dealt with her "fucking perv" of a cousin when he was caught "messing" with Maria's niece. Lets just say it has something to do with a BRICK and that cousin Frankie's face is no longer symmetrical.

We also learn in this ep that Maritza (the shorter of the 2 Latinas that are ALWAYS together (but not that way, as we'll soon discover) has a 1 year old daughter. She happily explains her daughter is with her cousin at a marimacha collective... "not a dick for miles."

(Thank god for the internet...

Flaca: (concerned) You ain't worried they'll turn her gay?
Maritza: (Scoffs) She's a baby! And I only got a year. I'll get her back before she knows anything.

This wonderful vignette is eventually interrupted by Nicky's arrival and crass joke, "IMMIGRATION. Hands where I can see them."

Aleida's rejoinder was quick, "Funny, cabrona"... which I'll translate for Daya.

Your Mama just called that blanca a bitch.

And rightly so.
"But life is a battle: may we all be enabled to fight it well!" Charlotte Bronte

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