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Re: Star Citizen - Chris Roberts' new game

The first of the pre-Alpha testing modules came out this week: the Hanger module. Basically it is what it sounds like, a place where you can look at and interact (without flying) with your vessels.

I only have one ship, the Hornet (a fighter), and I got to have my first proper look at it. After a few issues (one with the installer and the other with their server) I finally got in and had a look. It is nice to get a true sense of the scale of the vessel, usually with fighter/small ships you don't really get that. It is very pretty and detailed. Got into the cockpit and it was what you think it should be for a fighter. Very nice.

They have also opened the initial parts shop (not working when I tried my hanger). They have given people free credits to play with and they have monetised it so you can buy more, though you'd have to be pretty silly to do so at this stage. It's pretty much another money grab, which seems a bit much at this stage. However, people are throwing money at it so why would they stop?

Their crowd sourcing is continuing to be unstoppable. When I started this thread they are $500 away from $17 million and now they are $300 past it. During their live web cast for the launch of their new website they raised $250,000 in around 15 minutes through selling a limited edition vessel (US$1,000/vessel). I still can't believe how much people are throwing into this game so far out of release.
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