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Re: What are you reading?

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I have just started reading The Satin Man: Uncovering the mystery of the missing Beaumont children by Alan Whiticker.

The disappearance of the 3 Beaumont children from a beach in Adelaide in 1966 is Australia's greatest mystery and I believe that the author gives his own theory about what happened to them in this book.
This prompted me to look the incident up on Wikipedia. Very sad, I'd be interesting in knowing what his conclusions are?
The man who Whiticker points the finger at is dead and the accuser is the man's son. Though some of the evidence Whiticker gives is compelling the police have recently dismissed the man as a suspect. I am not really convinced either way and I would like to see the police look into it some more including thorough searches of the houses and a factory owned by the man named.

I have started to read Death by Black Hole and other Cosmic Quandaries by Neil DeGrasse Tyson (on my iPad) and I am also reading Hyena by Mikita Brottman which is about the hyena from both a biological and a historical/cultural perspective.

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