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Re: The Beta Quadrant

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We are talking about cartographical conviences used to express varied political relationships, not real galactic structures, no?
Absolutely - and we may even conclude that these are conveniences specific to individual cultures. Klingons may not believe in Alpha and Beta Quadrants: it's just the Universal Translator giving us the impression that they do, much like it fools us into thinking they believe in "hours" and sometimes also "meters".

Perhaps the alliance with the Klingons forced a reconsideration of the greater geo-political structure of the area round the Federation. Rather than Earth dividing Alpha from Beta, political planners decided that Alpha was a better description for an area under the influence of the Federation, Klingon Empire, and Romulan Empire. There's no need for these cartographical conveniences to be set in stone.
If this happened between TNG "The Price" and VOY "False Profits", it explains a thing or two... Moving the A/B border would necessarily also move the G/D border, thus allowing for a wormhole end that in "The Price" was at the very most 200 ly into Delta to now be several thousand lightyears into Delta and thus on the route of the Voyager!

Timo Saloniemi
I'm not sure the Federation is so petty as to define to geography based on political concerns. I would expect the Federation to be enlightened enough to be above such things and wouldn't resort to tactics similar to those Congress men who renamed French Fries to Freedom Fries.

Also the Cardassian Union has always been identified Alpha Quadrant, despite the fact the Federation always bad relations with them, that got worse when the Cardassians joined the Dominion.

I think a more likely explanation is Quadrants meant something much smaller in TOS, but where retconned into being a quarter of the galaxy in the TNG era, so the talk in TOS of the Klingon and Romulan Empires being in the Beta Quadrant doesn't mean anything in the TNG era cannon.
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