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Re: Excelsior Technical Manual - Revived!

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Well we know from TNG that there's a dedicated "replicator kiosk" on the E-D that supposedly has replicators that function differently from the ones in personal quarters, so perhaps there's different kinds depending on function. I would also suggest that shuttlebays and perhaps cargo bays also have some sort of replicator function (perhaps combined with cargo transporters?) that can be used to craft new replacement parts for auxiliary vessels and for the ship itself, as Federation starships seem almost as self-sufficient in repair capability as wooden warships. Having a sort of mini-industrial replicator on board would also I think solve the "infinite shuttles" problem on Voyager, as well as the fact that each and every starship seems to have a custom shuttle that looks like the mother ship.
IIRC, we have never seen a replicator inside someone's quarters create anything but food or drink. Even in the TNG episode "The Neutral Zone", we never saw WHERE Data replicated the guitar for Sonny. My thinking is that the ship's stores have the non-foods replicators, and that the ones in crew cabins can only produce foodstuffs.

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