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Re: Theory About Why Most Don't Care for Enterprise as Much...

I remember at the time being excited about the new Trek series when it was first announced, but from then on everything I heard about the series was disappointing.

The designs of the ship were hinted towards being something new: Ended up being a slight tweak of a ship we'd already seen.
(Cynical decision because the suits knew the Akira was a fan favourite ship ever since it appeared in First Contact)

The Uniforms looked like the crew were working in a warehouse not exploring a new frontier.

The Vulcans were there but they were written as jerks, like overbearing parents whose only purpose was to give the human characters cliched rebellious scenes.

Klingons arrived but far too early and in a non interesting way.

Temporal cold war was inserted because the network had no faith a true prequel show (even just a TNG-era show dressed up in Prequel clothing as Enterprise seemed to be) wouldn't hold the casual fans attention so them ham fistedly inserted a futuristic plot that even they admit now they had no idea what to do with and no plans for it actually to go anywhere.

And yeah, the lack of "The" when talking about the ship irked me a LOT. In all of Star Trek it had been referred to as THE Enterprise. And in this series more than ever it should've been the same since there'd been no other Enterprises and no prospect of there being any more either so for all intents and purposes, this could've been THE only Enterprise.
Every time they said "I've got to get back to Enterprise..." I was mumbling "THE Enterprise!!!" under my breath

Bakula, too, was a poor choice of captain.
When I heard he was picked I thought, good, they've got a name and I had good memories of watching Quantum Leap as a child.
But he seemed to have a permanent disgusted scowl on his face the entire time, even during lighter episodes.
His two acting modes seemed to be disgruntled and angry shouting with nothing else going on.
And any comedy scenes were beyond cringeworthy.
Yay..your dog likes cheese...big whoop.

I think the whole concept underachieved, even more than Voyager did when it abandoned most of its "one shop struggling alone with a divided crew" premise after about its sixth episode.

It's nadir was the Borg episode.
I don't think anyone, hardcore fan or casual, when they heard of a new Star Trek series set pre-kirk, was thinking "oooh, I hope the Borg show up at some point!"
It was clear then no-one really wanted to write a prequel series at this point, having done episodes about Klingons, Ferengi, Nausicaans and then the Bloody Borg.

So yeah, Enterprise ended up being the Trek series that arrived when the entire franchise had run out of steam, the producers were just phoning it in and everyone had seemingly lost interest.
But, it made money for the network so I guess that's all anyone ever cared about really.
Artistic integrity be damned!
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