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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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Sequel? I'm sorry, I think you're mistaken. There was only ever one RoboCop movie made.
Well, one movie and one TV series. That's all that counts for me. Although...

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The sequels both had a lot of good ideas I thought, and I actually consider the third film to be a worthy follow up to the first.
The second film had a pretty decent first act, but then it degenerated into mindlessness. As for the third, it had its moments, and was certainly better than the second, but it certainly had its weaknesses.

As a kid I really loved Robocop 2, I think the final fight between both robots is still pretty fun to watch...
It does deserve credit for that from a technical standpoint. The battle between RoboCop and RoboCop 2 is probably the last great stop-motion animation set piece in cinematic history, or certainly one of the last. It was only 3 years later that Jurassic Park came along and rendered stop-motion obsolete (thanks, ironically, to Phil Tippett, the same person who animated the RC2 stop-motion scenes).
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