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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

They are things of pure joy!

Uh, that doesn't sound right!

Serously, they are nicely crafted prop/toys and are a reasonable alternative to the Master Replicas brand "functional display pieces" that cost several hundred dollars. Though I don't have the documents to prove it, the Art Asylum/Diamond Direct phasers were supposedly used on camera for the "Enterprise" two-part episode "Through a Glass Darkly". That should demonstrate how authentic they are.

the type 1 "pocket" phaser is fully selfcontained with its own button cell power source to illuminate the emitter and play the audio chip. One can change the force setting which increases the rate of LED strobing and the pitch of the iconic cicada like "shriek". The "site" can even protrude. The pocket unit clips into the pistol grip and runs an LED housed in the larger emitter. The knob at the back triggers the "overload" sequence witnessed in "Conscious of the King".

If one had to be anal about something, anything, they might whine about certain parts merely being painted "silver" rather than having actual metallic parts and trim. But that's a quibble at most.

Get it! trust me, you'll be glad you did! This is the kind of toy I wish had existed in the early 1970s when I was still a preteen running about the apartment complex with my buddy Kyle as we pretended to be Kirk and Spock. Instead, we had the "kid sized" Exploration Set model kit or those clunky Remco flashlight guns (with "Star Trek" stamped in a "lost in Space" type font on the casing) which "chirped" like a robotic bird when one pulled the trigger. (Boy, did I ever feel jipped!)


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