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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

Timo wrote: View Post
So you see a master plan in one episode using letter-coded class names and fail to notice that no other episode ever used them?
Since no other classification alternative (except for the small print on a display on a small monitor) was ever presented in TOS this is obviously what had been intended. I can't see what quantity has to with it.

Timo wrote: View Post
You're just being delusional again.
Look who's talking. That's not your usual style, Timo, debasing someone like you just did. Are you running out of arguments? Are you starting to realize that once we sever the conjectural connection between "Constitution Class" and the TOS Enterprise there are more answers and solutions than questions and discrepancies?

Timo wrote: View Post
There's no master plan. There's no agreement between the people who worked on Star Trek on what various things mean, if anything. The people who wrote Star Trek did not read TMoST. The people who wrote Star Trek did no listen to Matt Jeffries. Hell, the people who wrote TMoST didn't listen to Matt Jeffries!
Apparently Bob Justman and Whitfield/Roddenberry did listen to Matt Jefferies, hence "Enterprise Starship Class" or "Enterprise Class Starship".

I'm well aware that the worshippers of G.U.T. and desciples of Retcon use this kind of reasoning as the standard excuse for revisionism, poor research efforts and lack of interest to figure out what the original creators may have intended to tell us.

Timo wrote: View Post
All we can do is make lemonade of rather thoroughly rotten apples.
Agreed, there's some post-TOS stuff that is rather rotten because of inadequate research efforts. Now you can either pass me the salt shaker or we enjoy the lemonade.
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