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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

The sequels both had a lot of good ideas I thought, and I actually consider the third film to be a worthy follow up to the first.

As a kid I really loved Robocop 2, I think the final fight between both robots is still pretty fun to watch, but the movie as it is is a huge mess, too many plotlines vying for time while the main character almost turns into a secondary character in his own movie.

Anyways, as to the thread title:

I finally saw 'Man of Steel' on Monday, while I won't pull this thread off course with a huge review, I will say I enjoyed it, but had a few issues with the pacing.

Now having seen it, I am a little disappointed we can't get a true sequel to the film, and by that I mean another solo outing for Supes, I think Henry Cavill made a great Superman/Clark Kent and would love to see him be able to expand in the role. I have no doubt a great story can be made with Superman meeting Batman, but part of me will always be wishing it could have been a solo outing.
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