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Re: Dune - The Book and the 1984 film *spoilers for both*

Yes, because all star wars books are about random jedi/x-wong battles

Star wars novels have created a lot of characters never in the movies that are some of my favorites in any media, and some of my favorite books ever. If i was alone on a desert island and could only take one book series, it would be the Star Wars: Republic Commando books, even over the Dune series and LOTR. Thats not saying I think its a higher quality neccesarily, but if I ever had to list my favorite books, with my favorite characters, SW: RC is on the short list (which also has LOTR and Dune). Including stuff by Timothy Zahn or Michael Stackpole/Aaron Allston's X-Wing series, a lot of my favorite novels are Star wars, and I'll defend them against all book snobs

I honestly don't want to argue about this. I'm fine with people looking down on Star wars books. I know I'd rather read a Karen traviss or timothy Zahn Star Wars book over any of the snobby "classics", so I get it from the other perspective. I can't (and won't) argue the signifigance of people like asimov, Clarke and Bradbury. At the same time, I'd personally put my favorite SW authors over any of them when it comes to what I think makes an entertaining read. I don't want to read sci fi novels about random robots and their three laws (which I thought were extremely stupid, but thats just coming from the I, Robot movie, maybe they're better thought out/less stupid in writing) or books about some guy inventing BS "psychohistory" (I half thought the Foundation wikipedia page was a joke when I just looked it up, I don't think I could invent a less interesting concept for a book if I tried). I don't read sci fi to read about stuff like that. I like interesting characters, and I somehow doubt characters matter much in a collection of short stories like I, Robot, or in stuff like the story of a man, an evil AI, and for some reason both monkies and space fetuses (which may have just been on the movie version, but like I said, when I think of snobby sci fi, I think of 2001). I'm not saying those aren't classics or that they're bad, I'd just take the worst Star wars book over them any day of the week.
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