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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

It would be very ironic if Jesse is the last man standing, since he was to be killed off so early in the series.

Here's the thing about Hank that's very clear - he's ready to explode. Since he knows his future is fucked, he will likely figure out how to cause the most damage to Walt and perhaps the least to the rest of his family. But he's liable to do anything. My guess is he'll let his partner in on what happened and do a kamakaze of sorts all over Walt, or at least try to. I hope they don't kill Hank off too soon! The level of anger that he feels towards Hank... the complexity of the deception, it's unlike anything I've ever been exposed to in fiction. It's great.

BTW, I'm guessing that Jesse don't light the house on fire because Flynn is home. I would love to see an interaction between them. I'm guessing they've never met. One of my favorite scene of the whole series is Walt inviting Jesse to dinner and trying to make small talk with Skyler. Comedy gold amid a very intense and dark series.
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