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Re: Matt Jefferies, creating a world...

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The Leif was used in some storyboards for TAS though it never made the final animation cut...
Do you mean the pre-production sketches for that TV series based on War of the Worlds? These look fantastic!

In my TOS Enterprise deck plan project I'm trying to redress studio set pieces the way I believe Walter Matt Jefferies might have done it. One particular item I mentioned at the end of my comments for Engineering Deck 13 was to envision a hangar deck control window (one level above) which would have been essentially the Delta Vega station inner "window frame".

My jaw dropped when I saw this pre-production sketch.
That's just eerie, but tells me I'm probably not doing that bad trying to recreate an Enterprise interior as Mr. Jefferies might have done it. Thanks for the link!

I (in the FJ thread) and another gentleman in this thread felt compelled to point out Matt Jefferies' influence in starship design far beyond TOS. Looking at the propulsion units of the Leif Ericson I'd dare to say Matt Jefferies' design influence definitely extended all the way to DS9 and one ship in particular.

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