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Re: 12 Monkeys pilot greenlit by Syfy

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^That's splitting hairs. Yes, the details are different, but they're both premises about people going back in time in hopes of averting a future disaster.
You just explained every show / movie dealing with time travel.
Some, not every. That certainly doesn't describe Doctor Who or The Time Tunnel or Voyagers! or Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures or Time Trax or Continuum or Terra Nova or a bunch of others. There are tons of movie exceptions too, like Back to the Future (the "disaster" to be undone in Part II or Part III is more on a personal/local level than a global one), Looper, Primer, heck, most time travel movies that don't have Terminators in them. It's a particular subgenre of time-travel fiction, and it has its own variations. For instance, Seven Days was about trying to prevent a different disaster every week, whereas Odyssey 5 was about an ongoing effort to avert a single disaster.

Besides, aren't you directly contradicting yourself? Previously, you denied that Odyssey 5 and 12 Monkeys (the series proposal) had anything in common because they weren't exactly identical in the nature of the future disaster. Now you're saying that all time-travel stories are the same even when they have huge differences. Make up your mind.
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