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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I think anyone with moderate video editing skills could do my first option on their home PC to most people's satisfaction. Riker doesn't move position between the two shots, so with his head staying still, compositing his SD mouth movements on to his HD face would pose no issues. We've all seen far more advanced stuff on youtube that some very skilled "amateurs" have done at home.

It's a shame that doing it didn't occur to anyone at CBS. It occurred to me straight away. It would only have taken a fully trained CBS in house monkey an hour or two to knock something up.
I dunno, we humans are pretty good at noticing even very subtle nuances and deviations in regard to human facial movements. In fact, we have entire parts of our brain (the fusiform gyrus, the amygdala) that are devoted to face perception and interpreting emotions. I think you would need someone with more than just moderate video editing skills.

Also, just because CBS Digital didn't end up doing it doesn't mean it didn't occur to them. It may have, we don't know. And I'd just caution against stating how easy you think a visual effect may be without actually attempting it yourself. I was probably guilty of this when I first made the suggestion you are now. You can't really know until you try it. Sometimes things may seem straightforward and simple, yet when you're actually doing it you run into unforeseen issues. There's a difference between coming up with an idea and successfully executing it at a professional level.

I think CBS Digital's trained monkeys would agree with that.
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