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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I voted below average, and that's not something I usually do. Here's why I voted that way.

First off, I thought I would have a problem when the writer and editors of the book didn't catch the mistake in the prologue where they didn't remember from the last book Sisko was in command of the Defiant, and not the Robinson. If it was just a mistaken name, that's one thing, but it even identified that it was a Galaxy class starship. If it was a simple mistake, that's one thing. But Sisko being in command of the Defiant was meant to be a big deal.

I liked the Kira stuff in the beginning, but the Kira as someone else on ancient Bajor became boring and tedious stuff. It felt like it took forever to get through and the end result could have been done in a more exciting and interesting way. At least that fact she's alive and more importantly Taran'atar, was good to see. It seems there is a setup to explain the 5 missing years. I just hope DRGIII isn't the one to write it.

When I learned Bacco was to be killed I was shocked. What wasn't shocking is that the way it was written in the book, and how it happened, was not as good as it should have been. It would have been good if the suspect they had found for it ended up BEING the killer. But they tech tech the tech and found it was the Tzenkethi. Yawn. If the writer had just followed through and kept the Bajoran First Minister's assistant and friend it would have been better.

Some things I liked were Odo and the wormhole being back. The ideas behind the new station, despite the fact it was beaten over our heads how bad the old station was. I liked the praetor of Romulas meeting with Bajor's first minister and it was good to see Dax try and make amends to Julian. OBrien being Chief Engineer again was also good, along with the starbase now having something for Keiko to do.

You really do have to feel sorry for Captain Ro. You felt for her, just not as much as I did for the readers of all the Kira as Keeve chapters.

All in all I rate this book a 3 out ten. The stuff happening on DS9 was semi-interesting. But the Kira stuff bogs it down too much and was the first book since the last Titan novel that made my eyes gloss over in boredom while reading. It made it more of a chore than entertainment to get through. But glad I bought it if only to support the chance to read about future adventures for this crew, hopefully by a different author. He seems like he either has Star Trek fatigue, or in some cases just doesn't give a damn.
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