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Re: Theory About Why Most Don't Care for Enterprise as Much...

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While there are some that did rather vocally criticize the show for not being enough of a TOS prequel to their liking (they had their own idea of what the 22nd-Century should be like)
Once Enterprise was done, I had a few ideas on how things should have been.,.

Set the show in 2166 (homage to 1966 Trek's founding) 5 years since the UFP has been founded. The crew would be all humans at first; perhaps an Andorian or a Tellarite, but no Vulcan. Really diversify them amongst the races/continents of the world. Someone from Africa, an Australian (the lone hold outs to the world government of 2151), a European other than from UK (German, maybe?) a South American, an Asian, Hispanic. I'm sure there's no way they'd have done anything but a white male american captain, but it would have been nice...

Make everything bulkier - and have the reason be that all the tech has to be "rugged-ized" like; surrounded by lead armor between the outer-casing and the internal circuits, in order to shield it from all the unknown potential radiations in space. This would explain why stuff was bulky still in TOS and also make it look right for pre-TOS.

Have the transporter really be something... scary. A transporter chamber rather than a room, with the controls behind a huge thick glass blast barrier. Only one emitter/pattern tracker so if you ever had to beam up two things at once it would risk combining them. Have the process actually take a while - 15+ seconds, during which a lot could go wrong. And have stuff go wrong with it. Lose people (redshirts) when you beam them up in an emergency. Illnesses like transporter psychosis or something else. Beaming people up w/out their clothes, or with a broken bone, or with energy burns cause by the damn thing. Make the transporter a true last resort and a scary option.

If not based on a Daedalus, then at least have the forward hull a sphere - not a saucer - to make sense of the Daedalus and be a proto-trek design.

Have the shields be like an actual flat shield (force field) projected rather than an all encompassing bubble. Laser pistols that can also fire projectiles (because energy weapons are so new) and... you see the direction I'm going.

Ah well.
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