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Re: Resigning from Starfleet

Nope, there's no mention of Saavik being a cadet anywhere. Cadets are people who haven't graduated, and Spock's little pupils featured plenty of people who didn't wear the insignia of graduated and commissioned officers.
well there 's the red undershirt ( a cadet thing) and Spock pointing out that CADETS FREQUENTY REAQ HAVOV ( sic) so it seems that they are cadets. including Saavik

No, he says he wanted to get to DS9 straight away. We never learn if he was granted that wish.
We do klnow that Starfleet medical takes 8 years however and that he was 18 when he joined.

e don't really know the meaning of those uniforms - instructors also wearing them is a distinct possibility (Spock's uniform is color-coded differently, but that's just incomplete statistics ). Uhura was a (senior) Lieutenant, too, despite wearing that uniform and helping out at Kirk's final try at the no-win scenario. Then again, she was also explicitly a Cadet, unlike Saavik. Or then we're just witnessing the effects of the confusing activation of the cadet force in that emergency: the students may have received instant degrees (even Kirk is listed as a junior Lieutenant on computer screens), and even Spock is confused between calling Uhura by her former status or her current rank.
seem fairly clear. And the idea of LT's in the academy only adds to my point
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