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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Regarding the missing original film elements from The Best of Both World part 2, having watched the episode in HD on SyFy tonight, would not it not be possible to solve the problem by either

a) reusing almost identical HD footage of Riker on the Battle Bridge, and either digitally compositing his SD lip movements when saying "we need to time prepare our people for assimilation" on to his HD face, and relaying the audio,


b) using digital manipulation to move HD Riker's mouth to match the script

While not a perfect solution, it appears the original film element is no more, and I would like one of the above as an alternative option on some sort of Blu-ray disc branching. To be honest, I'd not read the reviews of the S4 set, and I didn't know CBS hadn't found all the BOBW footage. I'd been looking forward to it in HD for some weeks, but I almost cried when I saw part 2 this evening. The 3 seconds of upscaled video look awful.
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