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Re: Dexter - The Final Season (Spoiler Discussion)

Sigh, so much for that tense, exciting, season-long cat-and-mouse game between Dexter and the Miami PD that we've all been waiting for.

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Well, the brain surgeon being Cassie's boyfriend and Vogel's son was not that shocking. It was like the reveal two seasons back with Travis and his Olmos hallucination...kinda too obvious.
Yeah it reminded me of that as well. It didn't help that they telegraphed the whole thing a week earlier with Daniel and Quinn's little lunch scene together.

And this episode was even more insulting. Not only is Hannah walking around Miami in slinky dresses and not even trying to disguise herself with a wig or baggy clothes, but Dexter's method of stalking someone is now apparently standing outside a restaurant window in a pink shirt in broad daylight.

Jeez, can't believe I'm actually enjoying the cheesy Under the Dome far more than the final season of Dexter. How sad is that.
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