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Re: Why didn't the Borg...

Some of the problems I have with Star Trek Online, if any of you play it, involving the Borg are;

1) When fighting the Borg on a planet, they use phasers, and don't attempt to assimilate you or your crew.

2) When fighting the Borg in space, with two or three other people you can defeat a squadron of 6-7 Borg spheres, a couple probes, and one sphere with relative ease.

3) As on a planet, the Borg don't attempt to assimilate your ship while fighting them in space, they simply try to destroy you.

4) On the "Daily Borg fights", you and several others have to fight off dozens of cubes, at least 60 spheres, and a Borg flagship, which in a tv series, would have taken all the ships Starfleet could possibly spare.... Remember in The Best of Both Worlds, when ONE Borg cube destroyed a fleet of FORTY Federation ships at Wolf 359, with relative ease??

5) All in all, the Borg are just to easy....
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