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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

We can, however, rule out "standard mission"
...For the hero crew, yes. The ship, on the other hand, may have been on a "standard mission" just two weeks ago, with 415 of her crew still the same when Kirk comes aboard and launches the definitely nonstandard mission of escorting Gorkon to Earth.

So I'm thinking that they're not a "crew" at that moment so much as a loose association of senior officers who continue to find themselves in highly influential positions
Very much agreed.

Kirk and Uhura (and possibly Spock) are still instructors at the Academy
Or then not. There was nothing Academy-related about Kirk in either ST5 or ST6, and while Uhura may have been part of the regular crew of the schoolship Enterprise in ST2, this is not confirmed. Whether her seminar would be related to the Academy, or even to Starfleet at all, is unknown.

Chekov is either between assignments or getting ready for his next command
Or then part of the regular crew of the E-A, as he is basically the only one who isn't indicated not to be such.

(First choice for Enterprise-B with Harriman as backup?)
Hmm. If Starfleet wanted somebody from Kirk's posse for the E-B (beyond the photo-op), why not take Kirk? It's not as if he's past the retirement age yet or anything.

Bones is off somewhere being Bones.
He is out of the loop regarding Sulu, suggesting he might indeed be removed from daily Starfleet activities, but that's basically his only counterindication to being part of the regular E-A crew. And Kirk's retort about it being "Captain Sulu" now should be taken to indicate that Bones has slept past Sulu's promotion somehow - but an obvious way for that to happen is having Bones be somewhere far away from Earth, which might mean he has been aboard the E-A exploring the outer reaches of the known.

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