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Re: What happened to Jennifer Lien?

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You can be the commanding officer of a ship without holding the rank of captain. The vast majority of co's in any modern navy aren't captains. With a few exceptions, Trek overlooks this.
In fairness, we only ever followed cruisers. If we had a series that followed an escort or something...
One series did so. It was even addressed as meta-narrative in one episode:

PABST: Oh, come on, Benny. Your hero's a Negro captain. The head of a space station, for Christ's sake.
BENNY: What's wrong with that?
PABST: People won't accept it. It's not believable.
(And yes, making Sisko a commander rather than a captain was considered by many at the time to be a reflection of the studio's unease with racial issues.)
Sisko was so unhappy at the beginning of the series, they should have made that something for him to grouse about. "Those featherpluckers at Starfleet Command didn't promote me to captain because I'm BLACK!"
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