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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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Just because Star Trek has violence doesn't mean it's known for it, well at least for Prime Trek. It's more known for braking racial barriers, broadening the imagination, and it's moral base, but I covered that already in this thread.
It not exactly an hour long meeting of the debate club either. I don't think anyone was saying the violence in the show was a defining feature, but it did exist, as the show was an action adventure series.
BillJ sure sound like he was contradicting Captain_Q in this Quote.
I guess you mean this quote?

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And Star Trek isn't known for violence.
I've definitely seen a different version of the show than you have.
The implication is that Trek down played violence, which it didn't. It was as violent as its contemporaries. The fight theme from "Amok Time" and Kirk fu are constantly referenced, even by non fans.
The breaking racial barriers thing is partially myth, since networks, advertisers and studios were encouraging producers to cast non-white actors. So Star Trek was part of a trend not bucking the system. It's moral base could be found in many dramas of the day. Again, not so much bucking the system as following the trends of the day.
TV's first interracial kiss was on Star Trek.
Or it could be Sammy Davis jr kissing Nancy Sinatra. Or any time a white actor kissed an Asian or Hispanic actor. (Lucy and Desi?) "Race" can be a nebulous term.

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