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Re: The Borg in Assimilation2

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^I wouldn't expect a Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover to be in continuity with either series, so I don't see why that would be a consideration.
Because if it ignores basic tenets of the two settings then its a disappointing story for hard core fans.

Lots there that didn't make sense - including the fact that the Borg were completely unaware of time travel. First Contact was quite a while ago now - the average Trekkie is very aware that the Borg can time travel, let alone the Federation ships themselves.

It was a limited arc story. There was some nice characterizations, and a few interesting plot points (Guinan, the 4th Doctor and Kirk's crew), but overall I found it fell flat.

For one, the Cybermen don't rank as a higher threat in my eyes as the Borg. Indeed, they lose the Cyber-Wars against humanity in the Doctor Who continuity. The fact that the Enterprise for some reason couldn't replicate Gold seemed a large plot hole - that's never been a problem before, to the point that gold pressed latinum is considered the only currency of value because anyone with a replicator can make as much gold as they want, as stated in DS9. The human empire in the Doctor Who universe win the Cyberwars because they find a huge gold asteroid.

This appears to have been written by someone that has more knowledge of Dr. Who than Trek, odd considering IDW prints lots of Trek stories.
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