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Re: Khan Side By Side Review

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Thank you Jeyl!!!

Holy (profanity in profusion)!

What the (more profanity) were they thinking?!?!

This isn't TWOK... this is a new movie. Nimoy states in an interview or commentary at some point that TWOK is about strong emotions, particularly friendship and anger. It is supposed to be a 'hot' film. Now it appears to have been whitewashed, or soaked in cool ranch dressing.

So one last bit of reactionary melodrama... is that space lab regula one or V'Ger? Didn't we just have a grey and blue movie in TMP?

Holy %^&#$!@@*())^%, that is worse than I remember it.

Amazingly, there are some folks who say the blue version of Regula is EXACTLY how it looked in the theater 31 years ago!

But I have now read at least 5 different posts from people who have seen vintage prints stating, yes regula is red/brown in vintage 35mm prints!

Please fix this next time Paramount! The restoration was great now fix the color and give us the Director's cut and deleted scenes!
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