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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray Problem

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I just cancelled my Amazon Special Edition preorder. It's about the only way I can voice my displeasure.
You can use your active voice to make a comment on the Amazon page for the Blu-ray to alert others who would also be disappointed. It's more difficult to detect the reasons for the passive behavior of simply canceling an order. And no one but Amazon sees the cancellation.
THIS. Both!

Yes, leave Amazon comments.

I also think enough cancellations might cause Amazon to take notice. If Amazon then complains to Paramount, we might see changes in Paramount's marketing practices. Getting enough cancellations will be the challenge.

Me, I'd already known that a Target edition will have better extras, so I'm holding out for that.

UPDATE: just popped over to Amazon, and the bad reviews are piling up, citing this very problem. Keep it up. Whether we will reach critical mass remains to be seen.
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