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Re: Favorite Star Trek film director?

I went with Meyer, not because his direction is Earth-shattering (it does exactly what it needs to do but I don't think everytime I watch II or VI "This is some of the best directing ever!"), but because of the attitude he brought to his Trek.

II to X were all made under some fairly difficult constraints, tight budgets and production schedules and large casts pretty much stuffed with people keen to have their ideas heard. Balancing all that and still having a good story left is a tricky bugger to pull off, but Meyer managed it by pretty much removing his own vanity from proceedings. "Can't afford Kirk/Khan confrontation? OK, we'll chuck it and make the bridge chats work as well as we can. Nimoy wants X number of script alterations before signing on? Right-oh, I'll do them overnight".

I think it's fair to say than many of the other directors struggled to juggle all those plates (especially Shatner, which is a shame because as others have said his basic direction is pretty good. But it does seem he struggled badly with being told "No" at any point) and those are the weaker films as a result.
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