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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray Problem

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I just cancelled my Amazon Special Edition preorder. It's about the only way I can voice my displeasure.
You can use your active voice to make a comment on the Amazon page for the Blu-ray to alert others who would also be disappointed. It's more difficult to detect the reasons for the passive behavior of simply canceling an order. And no one but Amazon sees the cancellation.
Very good point. I have done just that and put a comment on I just got an email stating that it just went 'live'. Thanks for kicking me in the ass.

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While I agree it's scummy for Paramount to do this, it is something that happens with movies and music when released through retailers. One will have a book, another will have a few extra songs not available anywhere else, etc.

I'm keeping my preorder with Best Buy, because I want the movie itself. I've maybe only really looked at special features once on a movie and that's about it. Some I'll look at a few times if it's a documentary or something, but making of stuff I'll only look through once and not watch them again after that.
Yes, it's something retailers do - but it should be limited to tangible things. Amazon did the phaser, WalMart is doing the ship and those are all good things. The video special features, however, should be put on all the discs.
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